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Interviews and Statements from Beecome Conference 2013

Interviews and Statements from

  • Etienne Bruneau, Manager of Belgium Beekeeping Institute CARI, President of Working Group Honey COPA/COGECA, President of Commission on Technology and Quality, Apimondia
  • Gilles Ratia, President of Apimondia
  • Oliver Belval, President of Union Nationale de l’Apiculture Française (UNAF)
  • Francesco Panella, Member of Working Group Honey COPA/COGECA
  • Noa Delso, BeeLife
  • Manuel Izquierdo García, COAG, Vice-chaireman of the Advisory Group Beekeeping of the EU-Commission
  • Host and Moderator:
    Walter Haefeker, President of the European Professional Beekeepers Association (EPBA)
Olivier Belval, Etienne Bruneau, Walter Haefeker

Olivier Belval, Etienne Bruneau, Walter Haefeker

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